Instructions for use Amarok

To Amarok the instructions are simple – how to take capsules, you can understand yourself without a doctor, and what is very important, and health risks will be. The application can be a regular or one-time (as needed).

Scheme income Amarok

Instructions for receiving Amarok

The key to successful treatment of – regularity. Basic recommendations:

  • take the capsules, only in good feelings;
  • must not exceed the dosage;
  • wash the vehicle with water.

The average time of the reception is 2 months, you can repeat the course after a break. With constant use of capsules to achieve sustained lasting results, it is necessary to drink three times a day.

Indications and contraindications

Capsules to support male sexual function help you in any problems with potency, can be used for preventive purposes. Because the composition is completely natural, there are no contraindications, but it is necessary to monitor individual reaction, to exclude possible intolerance. For delivery in Hungary, you get the request.