Pre-ejaculation. What happened?

Lubricant released by the penis when a man is aroused

Precum is a clear pre-ejaculatory fluid that is released by the penis when aroused, in the same way that the vagina secretes natural lubrication.

Where does pre-cum come from?

Pre-ejaculate is produced by the pea-sized Cooper's gland (bulborethral gland), located just below the prostate.

Is pre-ejaculate the same as semen?

No, many people confuse precum and semen (ejaculate), and that's understandable. Both fluids are secreted by the penis, but have different purposes and benefits.

Precum acts a bit like a pre-penetration lubricant, but its main purpose is to lubricate the urethra to make the sperm's journey from the testicles to the vagina as safe as possible. It also helps remove bacteria from urine and equalize pH levels.

Semen is a liquid that can be white, gray or even yellowish in color and appears following orgasm. It carries sperm from the penis to the vagina for fertilization.

How much pre-ejaculate does the body produce?

For most penis owners, the amount of precum ranges from a teaspoon or less.

Some penis owners may experience and produce excessive amounts of pre-ejaculate, which can be somewhat tedious and uncomfortable. Although excess precum is not a health hazard, it can be awkward and embarrassing to suddenly wet your underwear when you see a hottie walking down the street. But that doesn't mean you have to use pre-cum as lube!

How to deal with excess precum?

If you experience an increase in pre-ejaculate, especially in situations outside of the bedroom, consult your doctor. There are medications that your doctor can prescribe to reduce the amount of pre-cum while still retaining the natural benefits of cleaning and pH balancing the urethra.

How to produce more precum?

Your body or penis may very well not produce pre-ejaculate or only produce a small amount. Unfortunately, many supplement companies claim to increase the amount of pre-cum, but don't let these cheap tricks fool you: the amount of fluid your body produces is out of your control. Every body is built differently.

Penis owners should try prostate stimulation and pelvic floor muscle training. This will teach you to control premature ejaculation for pleasure and at the same time improve the production of pre-ejaculate.

Can precum cause pregnancy?

The chances are slim, but yes, you can still get pregnant! This is why coitus interruptus, in which a man withdraws his penis while feeling orgasm approaching, is not an ideal way to avoid pregnancy.

Can you give or receive an STI from pre-ejaculation?

Pre-ejaculate is sexual fluid that can carry bacteria or viral infections from Cooper's glands, so yes, it is possible to become infected and transmit STIs.

STIs can be transmitted through all forms of sex, including sex that does not result in pregnancy, such as oral or anal sex. During penetrative vaginal sex, the risk of transmitting an STI through precum is much higher than the risk of becoming pregnant.

Therefore, always use a condom, even if you only plan to have oral sex.